Bowl Tickets! Action Required by 12/3

Tickets available for Rose, Fiesta, or Peach Bowl!

Hey Pittsburgh Buckeyes, we have great news! We have been given the opportunity to request a block of tickets for the Rose, Fiesta or Peach Bowl through the OSUAA. Because of the quick turnaround and timing, we need to submit our official request by Friday, Dec. 4.

If you wish to purchase tickets (limit 6 per household) to the bowl game, please respond to this e-mail with the following information no later than noon on Thursday, Dec. 3:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • # Tickets Requested ($165 each)
  • Alumni ID# (8-digit number beginning with a “0”). If you do not know it, call 1-800-762-5646 to receive it from the OSUAA Customer Service Center.  Please note you are not required to be a member of the greater OSU Alumni Association, but you must be a member of our club here in Pittsburgh.

You must also at that time pay for the total amount by directing PayPal funds to If we do not reach the 10 ticket club minimum by the deadline, your payment will be cancelled/refunded. To be eligible to request tickets you must also be a dues-paying member of the Ohio State Alumni Club of Pittsburgh.

Confirmation will be determined by Friday, Dec. 11. Tickets will not be available for pick-up until close to or after Christmas. If the football team does not receive an invitation to the Rose, Fiesta or Peach Bowl, then we will send out new information after the bowl announcements on Sunday, Dec. 6.

Please feel free to e-mail with any additional questions to


Kyle Blizzard
OSUACP Co-President